19, I usually smell like expensive shampoo or "fresh sex". Married to Drew, he's kinda cool for a guy I guess. Lesbian. Feed me popcorn.


It is taking every last ounce in my body not to slit my wrists again

Taking care of my body is too big of a responsibility for me.


foxpurr moves her feet when she’s comfortable in bed. It’s adorable that she does it when we sooon.

This is my favourite post in the world because you can see how quietly we cuddle, and how comfy I am and your cute lil grin when I figure out what your sly ass is doing


"We need feminism because some guy called me stuck up"

No, you just need to learn not to be a self pretentious cunt. 


the fact that I can’t grow horns is really cramping my style


tattoo artist: so what were you thinking of getting done?

My ex accidentally killed someone a few days ago. Like yeah I’m sorry for the random who died but it’s great that my ex did such a horrible thing. He spread a rumour that I lied about my dad dying. Karma bby


Scumbag Baby Boomer memes are the greatest.